We’re proud to announce the inclusion of new team members joining on board to help make The Tattourist a reality.

While Ofer Oj has joined and signed on to be the camera man for the Europe leg of the tour and taken on a loan to be able to do so, we’ve also got two ladies on board.

Yud, 23, is an amazingly talented photographer who will be in charge of pre-production photography. She’s also going to take care of the entire image collection as it is generated during the shooting.

Meytar, also 23, is a student of chromatography. She will help with editing the raw footage and batch processing and organizing all the stuff that is shot as Gary journeys across the globe.

Meytar and Yud join Dede, Ofer, Hari and Gary to bring the team up to six individuals. We want more people on board! Will you be the next team member?