Currently the project is in the pre-production and planing phase shooting will start at the Frankfurt Tattoo convention, Germany on April 15th this year.

What we are hoping to achieve is a first rate documentary shot through the eyes of an apprentice who is learning advanced tattooing techniques whilst filming the documentary over many locations around the world. This includes interviews and footage of the artists in action. We will also be including footage of the learning processes that Gary will go through.

We will also try to show you the history and origins of the tattoo and it’s cultural evolution by visiting and shooting at locations where it began, and where it is today, from indigenous tribes that still use the tattoo as a rite of passage to pin-up girls who have tattoos adorning them.

Gary comes from a construction background, having worked his way up from a floor sweeper to managing million-dollar construction projects over a twelve year career. After helping build a tattoo studio for a friend, he discovered latent artistic abilities and has been trying to nurture them for the past year in any way possible. It’s his first year in the art and he understands that he has a long way to go.

Although he has no direct film or documentary experience, Gary knows that when he doesn’t understand or know something, the best thing he can do is ask. As of now, experienced people and professionals are joining the team or offering advice to help produce the documentary. Fortunately we have a wide network of contacts inside and outside the industry and across the globe that are pitching in.

Even at this early stage we have had a great response for the project, with 5 studio invites from 4 of the 16 listed countries on the filming destinations to media professionals that have stepped forward to help. Many offers of logistical help have also poured in as have offers of travel and accommodation assistance from friends.We also have a camera on loan and are currently shooting footage, some of which will be up on the website shortly.

Funding is being sought from a fundraising platform know as crowd funding, and we hope this will bring in the money to purchase the production equipment that will be used by Gary when he’s on tour for the duration of the shooting. We would like to keep this documentary independent and open sourced but would consider talking to companies if we were to be approached.

The fund raising site is and is a site where people raise funds for community/creative/technology/start-up projects. While you’re at it,  please visit the Indiegogo Tattourist to check out our campaign page.