The documentary is being funded by public donations and contributions. It is only fitting that the profits be returned to the community.

In addition to the profits going to organizations who help folks that really need it, we will also be donating the video production equipment to another independent film project after our production is wrapped up. If you are an artist or a collector of tattoos and want to see this documentary made then please help by supporting us.

Thanks to the great response we’ve had from the tattooing community (artists, the media and friends), we’ve realized that we are in a position to make a good documentary and have it released in independent mainstream  distribution channels such as iTunes and Amazon VOD.

50% of the profits after admin and production/distribution costs will go straight to the charities and organizations listed below. The remainder will be evenly shared between team members who are helping to make this project happen based on the effort they’ve put in.

All that Gary wants is to get an amazing experience and memories to last him for a lifetime.

To visit our fund raising campaign at IndieGoGo, please click here.

  • Elem is an organization helping street youth in Tel Aviv. providing healthy meals, access to hygiene facilities, medical and legal access and give advice and support on work and housing issues. the center is staffed by volunteers

  • For The Love Of Children Society, based in Calgary, Canada. Is a charity raising funds for children’s happiness. for kids that need life saving operations to providing relief/education and welfare in refugee camps. every child deserves love and happiness.

  • The Lookout Society, based in Vancouver. Canada. Is a organization that is tackling what could be called an epidemic of chronic homelessness due to failings within the social system. it gives people access to safe and secure lodgings so people can start to rebuild there lives. Also giving support and help in areas of work, legal and medical.

Many people are already stepping up to the plate in making this tattoo documentary happen! To see who is involved, check out the team page or check out the special thanks page. If you want to get involved, we’d be more than glad to have you on board. Please check out the get involved page to know how you can participate!
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