Below is list of everyone that is helping this project happen and make it a success.

We’ll keep updating this page constantly, so do check it out. While you’re at it, please also visit the Indiegogo page for our campaign and contribute.

Studio Hosts:

Financial Contributions:

  • Sebastian Bott, Germany, for contributing to the campaign and offering accommodation and travel assistance in Germany.
  • Mark Doran a.k.a Stev Jones, Ireland, for contributing to the campaign.
  • Kate D’Arcy, England, for contributing to the campaign.
  • Emese Busaz, Hungary, for contributing to the campaign.

Logistics and Support:

  • Graham Long, UK – Contributed the name of the documentary “The Tattourist”. Tweets can be found @MrG48
  • Brent Taylor, 929 ConceptsOffered accommodation and assistance during the Canadian leg of the project.
  • Irina Mushchitskaya, for offering accommodation in St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • Bodil Carlsson, for offering accommodation in Stockholm, Sweden.