These are the people that are involved in the documentary to date, we’re looking for more team members to join the project, click here if you want to get involved.
  • Dede Confidential – Not much is know about prolific pubic artist who has joined the team as our graphic designer. Beside working on his day job of graphic designing, Dede will be helping update our website with great visuals and layout. We’re excited and looking forward to seeing more of his work! Check out Dede’s Flickr site and Dede’s Google webpage as well!
  • Drippy Gary – Real name Gareth Ince, currently a full-time street artist and tattoo apprentice (currently without a master), he’s been travelling for over 3 years and is getting ready for his biggest journey of his life. Saying that Gary’s journey through life has been interesting is an understatement, with travels all around the world and an ever-smiling, relaxed attitude to tide him through the stickiest of situations.
  • Meytar Hatav – A 23 year old student of chromatography, Meytar will be helping with the editing of the raw footage whilst batch processing and organizing during the project.  In addition to having a a great knowledge base, Meytar also has access to some of the best equipment around  to work with. We’re lucky to have her on board.
  • Yud Margulis – Also 23 years old and amazingly talented with a lens, Yud will be taking charge of pre-production photography and also helping by using her expertise with Photoshop to make some good photos look great. She’ll be taking care of the entire image collection as it is generated during the length of our shooting schedule.
  • Ofer Oj –  A 24 year old Tel Avivian who will be the projects European Cameraman, he’s quit his job and taken a bank loan to join the team. Whilst very competent with a digital camera, shooting footage on video will be a new medium for Ofer to work with. He has already been test shooting with a friend’s camera and has his head in the book on filming techniques and what makes great cinematography.
  • Hari Shenoy – brings in the Indian flavour to the team. He’s decent at computers, but then again, you’d expect no less from an Indian. He’s an avid traveler and aspiring travel writer who met Gary in Tel Aviv and got his first tattoo from him. And got one more the very next day.
  • If you think you can assist with the production or have skill or advice then we like to hear from you. You can contact us at .  If you would like to get involved in other ways, then you can click here.